Get Your Zumba on at BeFit Studios in Lawrenceville

By Rachel Horlacher, Publisher of Snellville-Grayson-Stone Mountain Macaroni Kid November 27, 2019

I did a thing. I used to go to a gym pretty regularly and then I thought I would have enough motivation to exercise at home. Boy, was I wrong! I chose to do everything but exercise, oh look, the dishes need to be done, the dryer just went off, my toilet needs to be cleaned. I'm at the stage in my life where I no longer require childcare when I go to the gym, so paying a steep price to have a daycare included was not necessary. My friend told me about a new gym that she attends and I decided to give it a try. 

Be aware that BeFit Studio and is in a shopping complex with not much else in it, but their studio is nicely done and it's right next to a coffee shop. Thus, you can get your workout on and then have coffee. You check-in and start dancing. Oh, how I missed group Zumba. I am not one to exercise by myself or on a machine. I need accountability and structure and exercise has to be fun for me to participate. I know, sometimes my mentality mimics my children where if it's not remotely "fun" I don't want to do it, or at least that's true with exercise. BeFit Studio, however, fills my needs to be with other adults, have fun while exercising and feeling like eventually, I might lose this baby weight I've had for 3 years now. 

Also, one big thing to note is that there is no childcare offered. They do have a reception area to place well-behaved kids (which would rule my kids out) while you workout. Therefore, this studio is perfect for those moms that have a little more freedom during the days, can swing a night class while their significant other or friends watch the kids, or on the weekends with help. There are a variety of classes offered, but what I love is that there is always a 10 to 11 o'clock class every day of the week, so I don't have to remember which time is the class I want to attend being offered. 

BeFit Studio has two options for payments. You can either pay a daily drop-in charge of $8 for most classes and $49 for a basic monthly membership. Come out, have some fun dancing the night away and try out BeFit Studio. Maybe I'll see you in class. 

BeFit Studio is located at 851 Oak Road Suite 4 Lawrenceville GA 30044