Still Waters International Academy Offering After School Enrichment

April 10, 2020

Though social distancing is required to stay safe, the kids still need fun, enriching activities throughout the week, and meeting up with others (yes, digitally as well) is like a bit of medicine for the soul. 

This is why Still Waters After School Programming is pioneering a host of new digital classes for the kids to engage in with their peers ranging a wide span of topics. We now are offering classes for coding robots, physical fitness, learning chess, tutoring, homework parties, drawing sessions and more to come! 

The summary of the digital coursework is shown below. Please take a look at the classes and see which ones might benefit your children the most! Things are always more fun in groups, so we are also encouraging families to connect with others about programs they'd like to sign up for! 

If you are interested in signing up for any of these ASP classes, please fill out this online form:

For when school and life gets back to normal, Still Waters International Academy is a private Christian school who offers after school for several schools in the area as well as a day school and private pre-k.

Still Waters International Academy is located at 1560 Oakbrook Dr Norcross GA