Could You Be The Next Publisher For Macaroni KID?

We are looking for a new publisher for this site! Could it be you?

By Jamie Ratner, CEO of Macaroni KID and CertifiKID September 1, 2021


My name is Jamie Ratner. I am a Maryland mom with two kids. I started CertifiKID, the deal site geared to family experiences, more than a decade ago. You might have seen us on Shark Tank in 2019.

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During the summer of 2020 — yes, in the middle of the pandemic! — CertifiKID acquired Macaroni KID. Together, we are now one of the largest parent-focused digital media and advertising companies in the country, reaching millions of families nationwide. It's a super exciting time!

We have more than 500 sites nationwide and in Canada — just like this one — that focus on helping local families find their family fun by highlighting the best things to do and places to go with kids, along with finding amazing family-friendly deals on everything a parent wants or needs.

But you probably already know that because you're reading this now! So thank you for being a loyal subscriber to your local edition of Macaroni KID. 

We'd love to have you join us!

If you've ever thought that running this Macaroni KID edition looks like a fun job, you'd be right! So guess what? Now's the time because there is an opening for a publisher in this territory!

Learn more about joining our Macaroni KID team!

Perhaps this news is hitting you at exactly the right time to reach for a new opportunity. I can tell you that I have found such light in this business and the Macaroni KID publisher community. I am excited to share this incredible opportunity to become a Macaroni KID publisher with you to see if it might be what you are looking for in your life right now.

Do you love free stuff?

Here are five questions to consider if you're curious about joining Macaroni KID as a publisher:

Are you looking for a rewarding new job, part-time job, or career that allows you the flexibility to be home with your family?

Being the publisher of your local Macaroni KID editions means you own your own business that comes with the support, tools, education, and more to succeed — if you are willing to put in the hard work. 

Are you creative? Do you like to write? Do you enjoy being the "in the know" person in your town, and do you like the idea of hosting or attending local events? 

Our Macaroni KID publishers are helping their local businesses and communities, providing fantastic local content week after week, and — even during the pandemic — coming up with amazing concepts like Boo Baskets to spread cheer in their communities (while also making themselves money!)

Are you looking for an instant mom network and friends who will support you and with whom you can build friendships and business relationships over the years? 

Our Macaroni KID publishers (mostly moms, but dads and grandparents, too!) have each other's backs. They are collaborative and giving and are beyond welcoming and inclusive. 

Are you looking for more diversity in your world and to promote diversity in your community?

A big initiative when we assumed the leadership of the company has been to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through training and identifying ways our publishers can better serve their entire communities, leaving no one out! 

Do you LOVE getting free stuff? 

Some of our publishers have bartered Macaroni KIDadvertising for their kid’s braces, pre-school, birthday parties, and even Botox ... it is truly incredible! 

So if you are reading this and wondering: "Is this fate? Did she write this specifically for me?"

The answer is YES! 

If I’ve inspired you or it feels like this is what you are looking for, please click here to find out more about us and contact us today! We are taking this business and publisher community to new levels (and it doesn't hurt that Kevin O'Leary — “Mr. Wonderful” — is our partner after our Shark Tank deal!). 

There is just SO much opportunity with Macaroni KID! I look forward to hearing from you.