2021 Club SciKidz Summer STEM & STEAM Camps

Grades Pre-K through 8th -- Over 60 Exciting STEAM Camps to Choose from!

April 1, 2021

Club SciKidz Summer 2021
Elements of a Great Science & Technology Camp

Grades Pre-K through 8th
60 Different Camps to Choose From!

Club SciKidz is the best place under the sun for extraordinary summers. Our unique science and technology summer camp programs are designed to meet the needs of children in Grades Pre-K through 8th!  Carefully researched STEM-based science lessons help engage students in observation, measurement, identification of properties, and experimentation involving life, earth, and physical science concepts.

We believe that every child is a scientist and that we can make children even better scientists! Club SciKidz’s 2021 Summer Camp season will offer 60 summer day camp themes! We certainly have something for everyone!

Grades PK-5th will choose from a great variety of science and technology themes. Each theme will consist of four components, Science , Technology, Art, and Outdoors. Please see our full descriptions. We certainly have something for everyone!

Tech Scientific is our division for grades 5-8. We are offering up to 12 different camps for this category. Themes include: Veterinary Medicine, Young Surgeon, Minecraft, Robotics, Coding and Programming, Quad Copters,  Chemistry, Stop Motion Animation. Please check out our full line-up for this year.

All of our hands-on National Science Standard activities make science challenging and fun! Our Camp Directors are highly trained, certified teachers, and are assisted by teaching professionals and currently enrolled college students that have been trained by Club SciKidz. For the first time we are also hiring high school seniors as Team Leaders.

Camps start at $310/week. To see what a typical day is like, please visit Club SciKidz.
Hours are 9am-4pm*
(*Half-Day Programs are available from 9am-1pm for some Pre-K camp selections and start at $235/week)
Pre-camp and Post-camp hours are available
Pre-camp hours start at 8 am and is $25 for the week.
Post-camp hours go to 5:30 pm and is $35 for the week.

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Camps For Grades Pre-K through 8th

FEATURED CAMPS (There are 60 total!)
Specialty Camp: American Doll STEAM Camp. Other Featured Camp examples are Chef Scientific, F/X Zombie, Stop Motion Animation Marvel Superheroes, Coding with Roblox, Grossology, Magical & Mystical (Harry Potter) and SO MUCH MORE! 



Visit the website HERE for a full list of camps!!