Spiders Exhibit Opens at Fernback

By Fernbank February 14, 2024

This winter, Fernbank Museum invites guests to come eye-to-eyes with the hunting, burrowing and weaving world of spiders in the new special exhibit, “Spiders  — From Fear to Fascination.” Featuring over 250 live and preserved  spider specimens, this exhibit will leave audiences with a fascination for these incredible  arachnids.  

Guests will be able to explore a detailed display of spiders in all shapes and sizes — from the  intimidatingly venomous Black Window to the famously large Huntsman — through a variety of  curated displays that include using the latest in augmented reality technology to create a fully  immersive experience. Visitors will be able to virtually journey through hundreds of scattering  spiders along a glowing forest floor, bring an animated spider to “life,” compete in a mating  dance-off with a Jumping Peacock Spider and more.  

In addition to encountering live spiders, dioramas with taxidermy spiders, panels featuring real  preservations and interactive components, guests will have the opportunity to use the  complementary and free “Spiders Augmented Reality” app to watch spiders come to life by  scanning markers found within the exhibit. Some of the spiders featured in the app include the  Wolf Spider, Trapdoor Spider, Desert Blonde Tarantula and more.

“Spiders evoke a combination of curiosity and horror, fear and fascination alike. The “Spiders — From Fear to Fascination” exhibit is extraordinary as it makes spiders accessible and appealing,  while still presenting the most up-to-date research and understanding of their biology,” said  Linda S. Rayor, Cornell University, scientific consultant, exhibit manager of live animals, and  President of the American Arachnological Society. “There is no other exhibit on spiders which  has ever captured the magic of spiders so well. With stunning displays, interesting displays  using live and preserved? spiders, and charming games that illustrate how spiders live, this is an  experience that will appeal to anyone who has wondered what spiders are doing.”  

Developed by the Australian Museum, “Spiders — From Fear to Fascination” features seven  themed sections audiences can use to build their knowledge of the arachnid animal  classification. These themes include the spider family tree, diet and hunting, diversity of spiders  from across the globe, spiders’ life cycles, their senses, and silk production and weaving.  

“Spiders — From Fear to Fascination” is an exhibit that appeals to arachnologists of all ages  who want to face their curious or fearful precognition and explore one of the most often misunderstood species on the planet. This exhibit will be included with General Admission at  Fernbank from Feb. 10 – May 5, 2024. For more information, please visit 

“Spiders — From Fear to Fascination” was created by the Australian Museum. Sponsored  locally in part by the Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.