Tutankhamun: His Tomb And His Treasures at Exhibition Hub Art Center

By Rachel Horlacher March 29, 2024

Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures continues to draw crowds since it’s opening at Atlanta’s Exhibition Art Center in late September.  Friends and families are encouraged to make it a “golden” holiday as you immersive into the world of Egyptian culture.  This world class exhibit is one of the most accurate and comprehensive experiences of King Tutankhamun’s tomb available.   

Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter.  It is the only royal burial found intact in modern times and allowed archeologists to record what an Egyptian king’s tomb looked like providing a glimpse into ancient Egypt.  Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures is a reproduction of burial treasure, in its original archaeological context, giving insight into the historically unique discovery of the Pharaoh’s tomb in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings.  The exhibition is complete with 1,000 objects, graphics, movies, an audio guide, and more.  All of it presented in an educational and entertaining way. 

To create this exhibition, replicas were produced to protect the fragile originals.  Skilled Egyptian craftsmen--with guidance from Egyptologists--reproduced everything right down to the finest details.  Together they have created the most complete and unique collection in the world.  Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures allows a wide audience to access the fascinating world of the pharaohs without compromising the millennia-old originals.

To date, more than seven million visitors have seen the exhibition as it traveled across much of Europe and Asia.  Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures will be showcased at the Exhibition Hub Art Center in Doraville, located in Northeast Atlanta’s metro area.  Guests will enjoy easy access from major interstates, free parking, and a café. For more information go to

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